The amazing island of Crete

General information about Crete

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It is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. The island of Crete is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, at the southern tip of the Aegean Sea and not far from the coast of Egypt.


In Crete (Greece), the time difference with Spain is one hour more, that is, when in Spain it is 00.00 hours, in Crete it will be 01.00 hours.


The official language in Crete is Greek.


The capital is administratively divided into four peripheral units: Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lasith. Other places in Crete are: Sitia, Malia, Chersonese, Agios Nikolaos…


The climate in Crete is mainly Mediterranean. The environment is quite humid and the average temperature is 21ºC in summer and below 0ºC in winter.


Its population is 623 065 inhabitants, almost the same as the total in the rest of the islands of Greece. It has a density of 72 inhabitants per square kilometer.


Crete is one of the regions in which Greece is divided. The capital is the city of Heraklion.


The currency of Crete is the euro (EUR)